Tobacco Free Rodeo

This program has existed since 2008, and Montana was the first state in the nation to have a tobacco free high school rodeo association. The night of the finals, reACT brings in a motivational presenter for education on tobacco free rodeo policies.

Be a Part of Montana’s Tobacco Free Rodeo Generation!

Tobacco has become a part of rodeo culture – but it doesn’t have to be. Montana students, along with the Montana High School Rodeo Association have taken a stand! We have become one out of two states in the nation to have a tobacco free high school rodeo! Tobacco has no place in our rodeos!

What is the Tobacco Free Rodeo Campaign?

The reACT Tobacco Free Rodeo Campaign aims to get tobacco out of our rodeos, and honor rodeo athletes who pledge to live tobacco-free. Throughout the Montana High School Rodeo Association spring season, reACT goes to twelve rodeos as part of the reACT Tobacco-Free Rodeo Series. reACT ends the season at the Finals.

At the end of the season, reACT will award High School Rodeo Seniors with up to $5000 in scholarships for those who pledge to remain tobacco-free. These scholarships are available to tobacco free high school seniors going on to pursue higher education at an accredited university. They also must have done work in their communities to share the message about reACT, along with being Ambassadors at their Colleges to help promote the tobacco-free generation.

reACT Tobacco-Free Rodeo Scholarship

The reACT Tobacco-Free Rodeo Campaign honors high school rodeo competitors in Montana who have pledged to be tobacco-free and have served as an example of a tobacco-free leader in their community. Finalists will be chosen from the pool of applicants. An interview process will be held to determine the exact awards. 2018 finalists have been chosen. Please click the link below to view eligibility requirements and to download the application (Coming Soon).


Tobacco Free Rodeo Series Rodeo Locations

Although every high school rodeo event is tobacco free, there are 10 Tobacco Free Series Rodeo’s where contestants compete to win a breast collar. There are two Series Rodeo’s in each district, one in the fall and one in the spring.  This year the Fall Series’ Rodeo’s will be – Glasgow, Broadus, Browning, Boulder, and Hamilton.  Spring Rodeo’s will be announced in March.   At each Series event there will be a reACT table where contestants are encouraged to sign the Tobacco Free Rodeo Pledge and share the message about reACT Tobacco Free Rodeo with their peers.

Students must sign a new Tobacco Free Pledge each year.  Tobacco Free Pledges will be available at each of the Tobacco Free Series Rodeo’s. Members must sign a pledge before they can begin accumulating points towards rewards.  This means you do not begin accumulating points until you have signed a pledge.

Signing the Tobacco Free Pledge is also a prerequisite to being able to qualify for MTUPP’s $5,000 college scholarship.  MTUPP has given more than $121,000.00 in college scholarships since the partnership began in 2008. For the 2018-19 Rodeo year, 6 finalists will be chosen from all of the scholarship applicants.  The 6 finalists will each interview during the State Finals to decide who will earn the, 2-$5,000.00, 2 – $2,500.00, and 2 $1,000.00 scholarships.

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For more information please contact Julie Russell.