What reACT Is

It’s a movement, a campaign, a force to be reckoned with!

reACT is Montana’s teen-led movement against Big Tobacco. reACT joins statewide youth empowerment movements across the country in recognizing the power of young people to effectively take on one of our leading preventable causes of death: commercial tobacco use.

Corporate Tobacco spends millions targeting teens in Montana. They use lies and manipulation. That’s why reACT uses everything we’ve got to fight against them – our brains, our connections and our willpower. reACT members, called reACTors, can be found all across Montana and we have one thing in common.

When Big Tobacco targets us, we don’t just sit there – we take action. We reACT. And we get noticed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We already have a local youth coalition; do we have to have a separate reACT group?
A: No. reACT can easily become a part of your existing youth coalition. Think of reACT like a message to promote, and your group as a mechanism to spread that message. You can certainly use reACT’s logo and messaging as you do teen activities in your community, but you can do that under the umbrella of an existing group.

Q: We’d like some funding to do reACT activities – can the state pay for that?
A: Check out our mini-grants page.  There is some funding available for specific activities. 

Q: How can adults best support the reACT movement?
A: In a youth empowerment movement, it’s important to understand and recognize the role of adults. You’ll often hear it referred to as “youth-led, adult-guided.” What does that mean? A simple formula encourages adults to:

EDUCATE – inform teens about why and how to get involved
MOTIVATE – inspire them to action and support their ideas
ADVOCATE – for them within your organization, school, community, etc.

Q: So reACT is for teens – but what if a 12-year-old wants to be involved?
A: reACT is based on the premise that 12-year-olds (and younger) will want to be involved, much like high schoolers want to do what college students are doing. It’s almost like peer mentoring. The goal is to frame tobacco prevention as an acceptable, even somewhat ‘cool’, activity. Also, there is a certain maturity level needed to understand the concept of the Corporate Tobacco industry and its approaches, and based on careful analysis of other states’ experiences, the 13-18 age group was selected as ideal for this movement.

Q: Can I make my own reACT gear?
A: YES! If you don’t already have the logo, just email us for an electronic copy. And if you need gear ideas, youth often have great ideas and are awesome resources!