Become the first-evertobacco-freegeneration

Here's the Problem

For generations, Big Tobacco has targeted our peers, attracting us with colorful graphics, age-driven marketing,  pop culture presence, trending pastimes on social media, and the creation of over 15,500 flavors ranging from sweet to minty fresh worldwide. Today, only  7% of our peers in Montana vape daily; let’s continue trending down in nicotine use in 2022!



Montana’s teen-led movement is taking action to become the first-ever tobacco-free generation. We are Active, Dedicated, and Empowered!

  • We are actively working to create a tobacco-free generation!
  • We are dedicated to leading a tobacco-free life!
  • We are empowered to stand up against the Tobacco Industry, which targets our generation!

We stand up. Speak out. And reACT to the lies and manipulation from Big Tobacco and the Vaping Industry. They target us, so we target them.



  • Individual ReACTor: A student participating in reACT activities as an individual with the support of an adult advisor.
  • ReACT Coalitions: Minimum of two students participating in reACT activities as a group with the support of an adult supervisor.
  • Youth Prevention Programs: Other youth programs working on health prevention with an intTobaccon tobacco can participate in reACT activities & events with the support of an adult advisor.

For more information check out the ReACT Coalition Guide.