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ReACT has launched all new materials for the 2024-2025 fiscal year. Click here to start reading today!

ReACT 2024-25 Mini-Grant  

Ready to plan, implement, execute, and evaluate another tobacco prevention project in your community? Then you’re in luck. ReACT’s 2024-25 Mini Grant application opens July 17th, 2024! Visit our mini-grants tab to submit your project application from July 17th, 2024, to October 2nd, 2024.

ReACTor Spotlight Campaign

ReACT is calling all Montana teens to join the new video series reACTor Spotlights featuring Montana teen voices for a tobacco-free generation. These videos will be released monthly and featured on the reACT website, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. If you have teens in your community who may be interested, please share this information with them. There is no deadline for submitting videos; this is an ongoing project. Click here to view the details.


Here’s the Problem

For generations, Big Tobacco has targeted our peers, attracting us with colorful graphics, age-driven marketing,  pop culture presence, trending pastimes on social media, and the creation of over 15,500 flavors ranging from sweet to minty fresh worldwide. Today, only  9.4% of our peers in Montana vape daily; let’s continue trending down in nicotine use in 2024!



ReACT is a teen-led movement rejecting the culture of commercial tobacco use and upholding the sacredness of traditional tobacco through education, advocacy, and action.

  • ReACTors educate at the community, county, and state levels. On topics such as but not limited to:
    • Known harms of tobacco use
    • E-cigarette flavors
    • Marketing tactics of Big Tobacco
    • Increase awareness of cessation programs such as My Life, My Quit, and This is Quitting
  • ReACTors support legislation designed to protect Montana teens from the harmful products of Big Tobacco, such as:
    • Expansion of the local Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) to include e-cigarettes and or smoking distance provisions
    • Adoption of Tobacco-free School of Excellence policies for k-12
    • Adoption of Tobacco-free Campus policies at Montana institutions of higher education
    • Adoption of legislative policies designed to protect Montana youth from tobacco products
  • ReACTors take action to achieve the main objective of reACT to become the first-ever tobacco-free generation in the following ways:
    • Register to participate in reACT as one of the following
      • Independent reACTor
      • Youth Prevention Program
      • ReACT Coalition
    • Sign the tobacco-free online pledge
    • Participate in a day of action events
    • Participate in state summer summit
    • Inform decision-makers on the known harms of tobacco use

We stand up. Speak out. And reACT to the lies and manipulation from Big Tobacco and the Vaping Industry. They target us, so we target them.



  • Individual ReACTor: Individual students participating in reACT activities and events independently with the support of an adult advisor
  • Youth Prevention Programs: A student group who would like to work on tobacco are welcome to participate in reACT activities, events, and objectives with the support of their adult advisor
  • ReACT Coalitions: Minimum of four students participating in reACT activities and events as a group with the support of an adult advisor

The 2024-25 ReACT Guide is available now; click the link below to view it today!

ReACT Program Guide 2024-25

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